Why buy from Waterloo Woodcraft?

Waterloo Woodcraft is a family owned custom cabinet and furniture shop in Blairsville, PA. With over 7 years of experience in the industry we developed our skills and service. We are committed to serving you by providing you with outstanding customer service while creating your dreams. We specialize in creating your project just the way you want them to fit your home and style.

Do I need to hire a Kitchen Designer?

Waterloo Woodcraft offers professional design to serve our clients. If you are already working with an interior designer on your project we can build per their design and collaborate together to create your kitchen.

How long will it take to build my cabinetry?

Custom built cabinetry can usually be built within a 6-8 week lead time after signing off on the final design. However, this can vary depending on workload, etc.. Contact us for our current lead time to plan your project.

Do you offer installation?

Waterloo Woodcraft offers installation as part of our services. Our goal is to provide professional installation in a timely manner, so that our clients don't have to wait long during the installation period.

What areas do you serve?

Waterloo Woodcraft usually serves clients within a 100-mile radius of Blairsville, PA. Please contact us if you are outside this range, and we'll be happy to discuss our options together.

Can I do a paint or stain color to match my existing trim or furniture?

Absolutely! If you bring us a piece of trim work, stain, or paint sample, we will finish your new cabinets to match your current pieces. We keep record of all our stain and paint samples, so if you decide to add pieces to your collection later on, we can match the color. We offer a wide variety of professional stains, paint, glazes, and distressed options.

How much will my custom kitchen cost ?

This is a frequent question of prospective clients. We like to compare an investment of kitchen cabinetry to that of purchasing a vehicle. You can shop for a Hyundai or Porsche, but the features, options, capabilities and investment will vary greatly. So it is with your kitchen; the detail, components, types of material, all effect your investment. We recommend that our clients sit down and figure a realistic budget range, then discuss that with us to see what we can do for that level of investment. Our goal is to provide you with value in your investment.